How to make pine cone bird feeders

How to make pine cone bird feeders

Discover how to use pine cones, seeds and suet to create simple hanging bird feeders.

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Our gardens our becoming increasingly important places for wild animals and especially birds. By providing a regular supply of food and water, we can help birds survive the challenging winter months, when they can struggle to survive.

One way you can help is by combining pine cones, gathered from your garden, with a seed and fat mix, to make simple hanging feeders.

Find out what to feed garden birds all year round and our tips for attracting birds into your garden.


You Will Need

  • Pine cones
  • Fat/suet and bird seed mix, either make it yourself or buy a ready-made suet and seed cake in garden centres
  • Copper wire

Total time:

Step 1

Attaching wire to pine cones
Attaching wire to pine cones

Attach a length of wire to each cone, winding it between the scales at the base.

Step 2

Pressing suet into the pine cones
Pressing suet into the pine cones

Press the fat-and-seeds mixture between the scales so it covers each cone entirely.

Step 3

Hanging the pine cones from a tree
Hanging the pine cones from a tree

Hang the finished cones from a branch in a secluded part of the garden.


Kate Bradbury says

Position your feeders at several points throughout the garden, preferably near the shelter of a hedge or shrub so birds can quickly fly to safety if they need to.

Kate Bradbury