Buying someone a bouquet of flowers is a sure way to bring a smile to their face, as well as brighten up an entire room. They make an ideal gift and it’s now easier than ever to give them, thanks to the numerous online flower delivery services that make it easier to send flowers from afar.


We've selected a range of the best services offering online flower delivery in the UK that send everything from flowers that will fit through the letterbox to premium, hand-crafted bouquets.

These online flower delivery services have been carefully chosen with consideration to the price, how and where the flowers are grown and picked, and what delivery options are available. To make sure the bouquet can be enjoyed for as long as possible, we've also included our top tips on how best to care for fresh cut flowers.

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Best UK flower delivery services and where to order flowers online

Take a look at our pick of some of the best online flower delivery services.

Arena Flowers

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine- Arena Flowers
Arena Flowers

Arena Flowers pride themselves on being the UK's top rated ethical florist. The company works directly with Fairtrade farms so the bouquets are sourced seasonally and arranged and hand-tied by florists. No single-use plastic is used in the products and for every bouquet purchased, a tree is planted in a country experiencing deforestation.

Price: From £28

Buy flowers from Arena Flowers


Bunches – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine

Founded all the way back in 1989, Bunches offers affordable bouquets with free UK delivery. All gifts come with a personalised card, care instructions and flower food. The company places an emphasis on sustainability and also offers the option of a monthly gift subscription.

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Price: From £21.50

Buy flowers from Bunches

Bloom and Wild

Bloom and Wild – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
Bloom and Wild

Bloom and Wild are the original letterbox flower delivery company, with many of their bouquets sent in unique slim packaging that makes it easy to post them straight onto the doormat. The flowers are hand-packed with protective covers over larger flowers to prevent damage. Next-day delivery is available, and the company also offers chocolates, scented candles and other treats.

Price: From £19

Buy flowers from Bloom and Wild


Flowerbe – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine

This family-founded, artisan flower delivery service specialises in curated seasonal flower boxes. Flowers are grown on the family farm and each bouquet arrives in a box that will fit through your letterbox with a hand-illustrated instruction card.

Price: From £15

Buy flowers from FlowerBe

Bloombox Club

Bloombox Club – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
Bloombox Club

If you prefer potted plants to flowers, then Bloombox Club could be the best online flower delivery service for you. They deliver plants across the UK and offer a plant subscription box gift card, perfect for anyone searching for gardening gift ideas. You can also choose whether to buy your plants with or without a decorative pot.

Price: £12.95

Buy plants from Bloombox

Freddie’s Flowers


If you're after more than a one-off bouquet, Freddie's Flowers offer a weekly subscription of seasonal flowers. Each delivery comes with an arrangement guide and flower food and background information on the flowers is also included.

Price: £25 per box

Buy flowers from Freddie's Flowers


Floom – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine

Floom is dedicated to helping you order from local, independent florists online. Each bouquet will be unique to the individual florist so there's a good selection of traditional and artisanal styles. Wine, cheese and chocolate hampers are also available as gift options.

Price: from £25

Buy flowers from Floom

Prestige Flowers

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine- Prestige Flowers
Prestige Flowers

Whether you’re sending a floral arrangement for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other occasion, Prestige Flowers has got you covered. Their online ordering system allows you to customise your bouquet, and their gift sets include treats like chocolate and teddy bears alongside their beautiful flowers – order before 10pm for next-day delivery.

Price: from £24.99

Buy flowers from Prestige Flowers

How to care for fresh-cut flowers

The best flower delivery services come with advice on how to care for your flowers. This should include how best to prepare the bouquet and what to do once the flowers are in water. A sachet of plant food is also often included, but this can also be bought online.

Cutting the flowers with garden scissors before putting them into a vase will prolong their life and help with the display. Be sure to cut about an inch from the bottom and at an angle; this will increase the cut surface area, allowing the stem to absorb more water. Leaves from the bottom half of the stem should be removed to prevent any rotting in the water.

Once placed in a vase, the water level should be checked every other day and topped up as needed. Try to place the flowers in a cooler spot away from fires or direct sunlight.


This Product Guide was last updated in October 2023. We apologise if anything has changed in price or availability.