If you want your garden to be filled with flowers next spring, planting bulbs in autumn is the key. But to ensure you get a dazzling display, you need to plant your bulbs well – at the correct depth and in the right type of compost. Find out how to guarantee great results with David Hurrion's masterclass – simply register for free or sign in, to view our masterclass videos.


Whether you're planting daffodils in a lawn, tulips in pots or alliums in your flowerbeds, want to force bulbs for some early flowers, these four videos will guide you through the essential steps to ensure your bulbs flower beautifully. In our four easy-to-follow videos, find out how to choose the right compost, how deep to plant, how to encourage your bulbs to flower earlier and the best tools to use when planting bulbs.

More bulb planting advice:

Planting bulbs in borders

For strong and sturdy flowers that bloom year after year, planting your bulbs at the right depth is crucial. Watch as David Hurrion shows you the best way to plant bulbs in your borders, which tools to use and how to ensure bulbs are the right way up.

Lasagne planting bulbs in pots

If you want your pots to be bursting with spring blooms for months on end, planting several different bulbs into one container is a great way to achieve a succession of flowers. Using a technique known as lasagne planting, David Hurrion demonstrates how to combine several different bulbs in one container.

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Forcing bulbs for early flowers

Look forward to spring flowers as early as January, by encouraging your bulbs to bloom sooner so you can enjoy them indoors. David Hurrion shows how to force spring bulbs – he explains the best types of bulbs for forcing, and what compost and containers to use.

Planting bulbs in lawns


Transform your lawn into a sea of colours in spring, by naturalising bulbs in the grass. David Hurrion demonstrates the best techniques for planting in grass, which bulbs to choose and how to ensure they can grow through the grass.